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About us

Wamako was established in November 2003 as a response to the growing needs of our customers expecting a professional forwarding that does not end strictly on the transport, but also the specialized care of logistics from order through the documentation process until the goods are delivered to the recipients specified in the order.

At the core of its foundation there were several years of experience owners in the broadest sense of logistics products from different spheres of the economy. Since its inception the company treated each customer individually trying to meet them with the most favorable conditions matched to their specific needs often proposing grouping of cargo in order to minimize costs or arranging shipping Express to provide the fastest possible supply market.

Our mission is and has customer satisfaction and thus lived to a group of loyal business partners who know that the company to which they submit with the shipment will take care of their commodity professionally and the order will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines assumptions.

Today Wamako is one of the leading companies in the north of Polish, focusing a number of carriers operating in both the country and across Europe. Among the available fleet we also have our own fleet of wide cross-section of the load. One of the more dominant relationship consignments of goods in international transport is the most popular Polish – Germany, Germany – Poland, although the route Poland – Netherlands becomes every day more and more besieged. However, it does not change the fact that in other parts of Europe, our company is opening up wider logistics lines, together with the growing needs of our customers.

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